ergobaby - Kidz Wagon
ergobaby - Kidz Wagon
ergobaby - Kidz Wagon
Ergobaby x Lee original carrier
ergobaby - Kidz Wagon
ergobaby - Kidz Wagon

Ergobaby x Lee original carrier

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to celebrate its 125th anniversary, the two iconic companies made a memorable baby carrier for those who love denim including the dads!

award-winning design holds your baby in an ergonomic, natural sitting position. the padded waist belt ensures baby's weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders while the adjustable, cushy padded shoulder straps provide you with ultimate comfort

new function

brand new limited-in-japan design for "peace of mind" comes with removable waist belt! holds the baby firmly and offers higher security while can be fasten easily with one handmade in Vietnam

100% cotton

Please use on the Before use of carefully read your attention on the instruction manual and safety properly.

waist strap approx. 135 cm  maximum loading 20kg


newborn insert (sold separately) can be used when carrying babies under 4 months' old face-to-face with the baby carrier.


Indigo Product Features:

- please wash before using for the first time, kindly apply the same handling methods as for any new denim items during the wash

- there maybe uneven colour which is unique for indigo products

- as a characteristic of any indigo item, colour may transfer to any other surface due to friction and sweating

- the colour will fade naturally over time and when being used (pictures below is an example to show the change of the material)

- the shoulder strap is safe for the baby's delicate skin or even to bite onto however due to possible colour transfer, we recommend using chewing pads at all times

- please do not leave the product in water for too long of a time in case it fades quickly

- for any queries, kindly refer to the user instruction which is included in the package